Welcome to life with kayce

About Me


Hi I'm KC! I'm the founder of J2K, and I'm glad you've taken the time to visit my little page. Anyone who knows me knows that I can talk...way too much sometimes, and I understand people have busy lives so I'm going to TRY and get straight to the point and tell you a little about me, the reason I started this blog, and what to expect.

I'm a girlfriend to a wonderful man named Jacob and a mom to a wild, energetic, opinionated 7 year old little boy named RJ.

At first, I started this blog because I wanted my clients to see another side to J2K Body Sculpting. To see that we're not here to just take your money, but that we actually care. Showing them different tips and recipes to help go alongside the services that we offer, and to show that I struggle constantly, when it comes to diet and exercise, and balancing that out with being a mom. Then this blog turned into something more for me. 

I guess you can say that I wanted this blog to be that supportive friend not only to the people that walked into my business, but to those who feel like they're just not winning at life. To tell you "hey, we're human. It's ok you couldn't be super mom today" or "it's ok to want to curl up in a blanket and cry".  I told a close friend that even if only one person reads my blog I hope that I can bring some joy and light into their life whether it would be through my failures in the kitchen or successes that I’ve experienced along the way. Just as long as it can bring a chuckle, and for that person to know that they have gained a friend. I’m excited to share my journey with readers, as I figure out this crazy thing called life! Happy reading everyone!

What To Expect


If you're new here, here's what to expect. If you're a long time reader you'll notice that I've taken some categories out and replaced them with something new. Just trying to mix things up!

Each post will be labeled one of the following: 

2018 Blog Labels:

Mom Life Mondays

TR (Tasty Recipe) Tuesdays

Wellness Tip Wednesdays

Fitness Fridays

2019 Blog Labels:

Meal Prep Mondays

WBV (Whole Body Vibration) Wednesdays 

Fitness Fridays

Sloppy Sundays

Each category showing a personal part of my life. Hope you Enjoy!