body recovery

Is your body feeling stiff or sore? Or maybe you have an ailment, like good ol' frozen shoulder syndrome, that needs a more natural, non-invasive fix? WE CAN HELP WITH THAT!

body recovery options

LED light/ Red Light Therapy


 Red Light therapy, for pain, uses an infrared light to penetrate into the body’s tissues. Higher frequencies move deeper into the body, but generally the light penetrates the skin approximately two to ten millimeters deep. For chronic pain, wavelengths between 800 and 1200 nm are generally recognized as therapeutic among proponents of this treatment.

Magnetic Therapy


Local effects are achieved by placing the applicator on the affected area, such as a muscle, joint, the spine, etc. By using a small applicator, we can achieve stronger local effects due to the higher induction, while use of an applicator with a larger application area results in a greater whole-body metabolic positive effect despite the lower induction. This has a positive influence on a wide range of diseases and conditions, for example, in metabolic disorders such as diabetes and gout in tissue regeneration after previous infections, such as hepatitis,  mononucleosis or toxic tissue damage, as well as in eczema and other allergies. Adequate fluid intake is required to achieve a good detoxification effect. Cleansing effects can be enhanced by drinking magnetized water, which has an increased ability to dissolve substances and release metabolites from tissues.

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