What is Cellulite


Cellulite is defined as a result of excess fluid, build up toxins and enlarged fat cells trapped between connective tissues that develops a reduction in the lymphatic flow. These causes create a bumpy , orange peel or cottage cheese like appearance.

cellulite treatment services

LED Light Therapy


LED light therapy helps boost blood circulation, collagen, elastin production, basically breaking down the collagen typical to cellulite. Which means it can fix damaged skin and improve firmness. It also helps improve lymphatic drainage, which is essential to any cellulite treatment to prevent swelling. 

Magnetic Therapy


In cellulite, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy enhances the microcirculation of oxygenated blood, the oxygen supply to the affected area, and helps release and remove tissue metabolites from the skin and subcutaneous tissues due to its detoxifying effect. The result is firming and improved quality of the skin. This effect is used not only to treat cellulite, but also wrinkles. 



Ultrasonic cavitation and radio frequency  are two different technologies that produce effective results in eliminating cellulite and  skin tightening when combined. 

UC breaks down fat cells through an ultrasonic frequency, while

radio frequency produces frequencies and deep heat which generates within the connective tissue strengthening the collagen and elastin.

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