Magnetic Therapy


Magnetic Therapy is often known as electro-dialysis transdermal biological treatments and e-stim. Magnetic Therapy combines the effects of traditional acupuncture, cupping, massage and gua sha. Its advantages are regarded by traditional therapist and qi gong masters as revolutionary, beyond other traditional physiotherapy techniques. It’s a very comfortable, highly-beneficial alternative treatment to pharmaceuticals and surgery that promotes a healthy pH and energy balance in the body.There are no needles, no drugs, no pain, no unsightly cupping marks or redness after treatment.

Magnetic Therapy combines electrical energy with the principles of Acupuncture, Massage and Traditional Chinese Medicine to help open and clear the body’s main meridians- stimulating nerves and cells- increasing your energy ‘flow’. Bio Therapy regulates the body’s pH, activating the auto-immune system which helps to prevent, treat and heal illness & disease, recover from injuries faster & feel better with less fatigue.


How it rehabs the body

Magnetic Therapy is a safe, drug-free treatment option for people in pain. It is used to treat chronic pain and acute pain conditions and prompts the body to produce endorphins which help to relieve pain. The Massage Therapy Device alleviates stress and tension by using electrotherapy technology that creates current to stimulate and contract and relax muscles. A pulsating sensation goes through the central nervous system, blocking pain receptors without the use of needles, medication or surgery. The device generates a healing electrical energy (low frequency, low voltage, and low current) which is either passed through the trained clinician’s body from foot to fingertip or with pads, probes and brushes into the patient’s body.
Together the low electrical current regulated by the trained clinician regulates balance and energy circulation to the patient. This enables the body to obtain optimum health.


Benefits of Magnetic Therapy

Clears the blockages of the lymphatic system; promotes blood circulation and boosts metabolism

Activates nerve and muscle tissue; provides muscle pliability and increases the flexibility

Regulates the digestive system and cleanses our body and retains good health

Enhances the anti-inflammatory and sterilization effect

Relieve all kinds of tension and pain caused by poor nervous system

Stimulates muscle nerve, cell, tissue, fascia and joints to increase your energy flow

Regulates body pH, activating the immune system which helps to prevent, treat and heal illness and disease

Detoxes the body providing acid-base equilibrium and Lessens mood-swing, improves digestion and sleep

Keeps you beautiful with anti-aging facial, toning your skin, reducing wrinkles and lines and improving your complexion

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