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22 lbs Forever OFF!

Growing up I've always been tiny. I played sports, and I was blessed with a fast metabolism. Because of this, eating "healthy", was never in my vocabulary. It was hot cheetos and oranges most of the time LOL After college, is when everything went downhill. When I met my wonderful boyfriend in 2017, I was super fit. I've never really loved myself or felt comfortable in my own skin until i met him. When I realized what it felt to have someone love you for you and nothing more, I stopped caring about what I ate and I went on a food frenzy! After a year and 22 lbs later, I became a person I didn't even recognize. I hated my body. I hated looking in the mirror and trying on clothes. Until I was introduced to Optavia by my wonderful health coach, Sherie Mahlberg. She explained everything to me and how it worked, it seemed super easy. After 2 1/2 weeks, strictly following the Optavia protocol, and doing body sculpting sessions religiously. I lost that 22 lbs!! OPTAVIA CHANGED MY LIFE! Let it be the change that you need as well!

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