About barre

What is it?

In short- it is an all encompassing fitness program that will result in increased muscular strength, flexibility, and caloric burn to create beautiful sculpted bodies. The classes incorporate a mix of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and weight training, and are designed to strengthen and lengthen your muscles for that long lean look!

Who can do it?

No dance or fitness background is required. We encourage women and men of all shapes and sizes to come give it a try.

The classes are safe for anyone, as they are low impact and our instructors are trained to provide modifications to any move that may concern an injured muscle, tendon, or ligament. Even pregnant women have been seen to safely reap the benefits of barre throughout their entire pregnancy.

Why it works?

Isometric moves are used widely throughout the class (in other words, moves that don't involve a change in the joint angle or muscle length). Many times this lack of movement makes these exercises look easy, but in reality you will feel the burn that says otherwise! This is because the tinier the movement is, the more motor units get activated by your nervous system. 

Classes offered

Barre Fuse

Your muscles will be burning with the use of gliders, the ballet barre, and small hand weights and/or resistance bands! This class is light on the cardio, but has lots of sculpting isometric exercises, focusing on building long, lean muscle. It's low-impact, and perfect for all levels.  Class length: 45 minutes


Condensed into 30-minutes.  It's the perfect way to break up your day. This class has more cardio than our typical barre class with bootcamp-inspired moves, but it is still perfect for any fitness level. It’s higher intensity, and higher impact than the other classes (but don’t worry, there are always modifications)! Guaranteed to get you sweaty. 



Contact us for pricing

Price per class is structured to motivate you to reach your unique goals and see real results. Cost of each class goes down, as your attendance goes up. We're here to make sure that you get what you are looking for – Schedule your 1-on-1 appointment with KC and she'll set you on the right path to see the results you want with a membership that fits your budget, goals, schedule, and current fitness regimen (or lack there-of... no judgement)! Contact us to set your appointment today!